Pilatus P2

First project unveiled: Pilatus P2 in 1/48

The first project we are working on actually (we are in February 2023) is the Pilatus P2 in 1/48 scale.

The P2 is a trainer aircraft used in Swiss Air Force which first flight as been done in April 1945.
This aircraft has become famous as we can see many flying in different movies. The most famous one is “Indiana Jones and the last Crusade”.

Here are some pictures of the actual 3D project status:

Alps-hobby Pilatus P2 exterior 1
Alps-hobby Pilatus P2 exterior

Alps-hobby Pilatus P2 exterior 2
Alps-hobby Pilatus P2 exterior

Alps-hobby Pilatus P2 cockpit
Alps-hobby Pilatus P2 cockpit

This is our first project, as you see it is quite advanced. We expect to release it middle 2023 but we have no experience on delays about such a project so we have to learn about this.

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I came back to modelling in 2006, when I discovered the unfinished Monogram Mig-29, and all the built models, in a box on my parent's garage. I wanted to know how to paint the model and then discovered the hobby again. Then I purchased a Corsair Birdcage from Tamiya and since I build mainly 1/48 aircrafts models. As many modellers, I always want to build the "kit that doesn't exists" and instead of expecting someone to produce them, I decided to manufacture them ! My motto: Have fun modelling !
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4 thoughts on “First project unveiled: Pilatus P2 in 1/48

  1. Hi!

    Great to see the Pilatus P2 finally getting some love in kit form. Exciting news.

    Is there any plans for a 1/72 version?

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. Yes we expect to release the 1/72 later. We have lot of projects in pipeline, both in 1/48 and 1/72 and maybe, later, the 1/32 ! We will keep you informed about the projects.

  2. Good Luck and best wishes for your adventure … in Italy we say:” In bocca al lupo”, transleted literally is ” in the mouth of the wolf!”.
    It’s not clear if these new line of kits ( As you note I’m just thinking as your luck will be great to have a catalogue of kits! ; ) ) is in injected plastic, 3D material (plastic of resin ) . Could you be so kind to give more information about this aspect.
    Thank you
    Ciao from Italy

    1. Hi Giovanni, thank you for your comment.
      great preorders number will give us the information (and the funds) to go injected plastic. If we don’t pre-sell enough, we will stay in 3D resin printing. The main goal is to go plastic injected and we don’t need a huge amount of pre-sale to go plastic so we cross the fingers

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